Lighting Morning Roast

Lighting Morning Roast

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Brighten your day and kickstart your work mornings with a delicious cup of coffee made with quality ingredients. Lighting Morning Roast combines two of your favorite things--coffee and breakfast!--to make their delightful blend of coffee delight. 

This Coffee is light and refreshing in addition to its unique distinct crema and coffee bean sensory with wholesome and dark tasting coffee. Made for every taste, with a robust and sweet finish, it is a coffee that is perfect for any coffee connoisseur.


  • A lightly roasted blend of South American coffees that are perfect as an early sunrise roast. Tasting notes include walnuts, mild apple, slight raisin and toffee.
  • Environmentally friendly washed processing and sun-dried. This coffee is both partial sun and full sun-grown at high mountain elevations.

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We made sure that the quality of our coffee is at its finest, because we want to deliver an excellent product and services to you.